IT Professionals: Improve Your Productivity!

There are countless resources available claiming to have the magic recipe for drastically improving everyone’s productivity – I know, I’ve read quite a few of them! My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that there simply is no single solution that works for everyone (or every industry, every role, etc.). Each person must figure out what works best for him/her and cobble together the best combination of techniques, tips, and tools to boost their efficiency. Ditto for the project teams they work on – each team needs to figure out what works best for them.


My goal is to provide you with tips that I believe can help boost productivity for at least some of you fellow IT professionals so you can experiment with them and determine the perfect combination of techniques for you and your teams.


7 Tips to Improve Your Productivity



Disclaimer: Since I am an IT consultant in Corporate America, many of the details of these tips are related to the Microsoft Office suite, but the overall theories transcend those tools.

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